5 Doctors to Follow on Instagram For Health Inspiration!

5 Doctors to Follow on Instagram For Health Inspiration!

Sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to achieve our goals. And sometimes that can come from people in similar situations who have achieved what we are setting out to achieve. We all know about the difficulties of incorporating a healthy lifestyle into a medical career in previous posts, but here are some doctors who are not only managing it, but inspiring us all to improve our lifestyles!


The Doctor’s Kitchen

Dr Rupy Aujla is a GP and a huge advocate of life style medicine. He has his own YouTube channel, cookbook and website full of inventive recipes. His Instagram is vibrant with healthy food and cooking tips!



The Food Medic

Dr Hazel Wallace has got you covered with daily posts on healthy food options. She puts up videos of workouts you can do at home, as well as posts about common myths and explanations of different lifestyle fads. She has also written her own cook books!


The Kitchen Doctor and Mum

I mean, the name says it all! A doctor, mum and healthy lifestyle advocate! Dr Anjali Amin has daily posts which always look amazing. I like that she goes into details about different ingredients, and I love when she talks about which recipes her kids like!

The Gut Health Doctor

Dr Megan Rossi’s is slightly different and focuses more on gut health. She uses research to back up her posts about dispelling myths and explaining which foods are good and bad for our health. She’s also working on her own range in Leon restaurants!

Health and Fitness Doctor

Dr John Sykes is a GP who has loads of posts about both exercise and food! He asks and answers questions we all want to know- can you exercise on your period? Should doctors be giving advice on nutrition? Find out for yourself!

These are just 5 of the many, many doctors out there on Instagram and other social media channels! Check these out for some inspiration, but I’m sure you’ll find many more with similar goals to these doctors. It is great to see how it is possible to have busy lifestyles and healthy lifestyles, and it has definitely inspired me to make some changes in my life!

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