5 Lifestyle Tips Inspired by The Doctor’s Kitchen  

5 Lifestyle Tips Inspired by The Doctor’s Kitchen  


Now that our Instagram feeds are flowing with inspiration from our Instagram lifestyle medicine advocates, we can start to incorporate some of the things they are saying into our own lives! Here are some top tips we can all do to try and make our lifestyles healthier, inspired by the blog and podcasts of Dr Rupy Aujla (@thedoctorskitchen)!


1) S L E E P. We ALL know how important sleep is. It’s easier said than done getting the 7-9 hours your body needs, but there are ways to maximise the sleep that we do get. Staying away from unnatural blue light (from phone and laptop screens) before sleeping can stop your brain from being stimulated when you want to sleep


2) Know what you’re eating! We don’t learn much about nutrition at medical school. It is easy to fall in to the newest ‘fad’ without knowing what you’re putting in your body. What are superfoods? What exactly is in a ‘detox tea’? Research before putting things into your body in the name of health


3) Do not neglect your own mental health. A healthy lifestyle is not just eating and exercise. It is worrying how many healthcare professionals and students do not prioritise mental health. Mindfulness and being at peace with yourself is key to a healthy lifestyle. Meditation is a great way to practice this, and doesn’t have to take up huge amounts of time!


4) Exercise! There are so many ways of getting physical activity in. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is really time efficient. Tabata is one of the most popular forms of HIIT training. You don’t even need a gym membership- there are hundreds of HIIT workouts on YouTube, some of which are 15 minutes or less. Easy to fit into your day!


5) Considering timings when eating. There has been research to show that when you eat can have better or worse effects on metabolism and weight. Dr Rupy writes about not eating late at night and having a 8-9 hour period of the day in which you eat all of your meals. He also suggests eating high fat and protein foods in the morning, rather than refined carbohydrates. Eggs are a great food for the mornings!


Let’s strive for happier and healthier lifestyles together!

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