How will the exam be structured – the AKT and CPSAs

How will the exam be structured – the AKT and CPSAs

Stage 1 has now been completed! The GMC have now announced the approved model for the Medical Licencing Exam (MLA). The exam will be made up of two parts the applied knowledge test (AKT) and the Clinical Skills and Professionalism assessment (CPSAs).

The aim of the MLA will be to demonstrate that those who obtain registration with a licence to practice medicine in the UK can meet a common threshold for safe practice. This will ensure consistency amongst clinicians.

The exam will be split up into two parts:

The AKT – Applied Knowledge test
This will be a computer-based exam sat by all UK and international medical graduates (IMGs) It will test candidates on the foundation of medical knowledge – the GMC have not announced the format of the questions, although it is likely that it will be single best answer questions. The

The exam will combine and build upon the content and question banks that exist for the following:
• the PLAB part 1 (an exam sat by international medical graduates before practising in the UK)
• the medical schools assessment alliance (MSCA) question bank

The above will be used as a starting point. The new GMC content development work will be separate from UK medical schools’ own knowledge testing and will be used to establish a new common minimum threshold.

The CPSA – clinical and professional skills assessment

For UK graduates:
CPSA will combine the assessment of medical school CPSAs against requirements established by the GMC.

This means that clinical and professional skills assessment will be assessed by each individual medical school until further notice.

From now until 2022 the GMC will identify key performance indictors (KPIs) of effective practice. As of 2022 the GMC will introduce new standards to drive consistency in practical assessments across UK medical students (CPSA’s).

This decision was made after many medical schools expressed their concerns over the ambitious timeline during the consultation process.

For IMGs:

This will replace the part 2 PLAB for IMGs.

This is the initial model. The GMC have stated that they wish to explore a way to move to a single standard assessment of clinical and professional skills in the future.

For now this means that different groups may have different assessment experiences depending on the CPSA’s that they will do.

The final mark for each candidate will depend on the combination of the AKT and a CPSA.

The most recent GMC report expressed that the GMC will now commit to introducing the MLA.

Questions unanswered
• Will full GMC registration be moved by the government?
What will the CPSA’s become in the future
• What will the exam format be?
• What will be in the AKT
• How will the final mark be used for FY1 jobs
• How will EU graduates be assessed in the future?



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