UKMLA: What will be in the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

UKMLA: What will be in the applied knowledge test (AKT)?

The General Medical Council (GMC) have announced that they will implement a national exam to be sat by all UK medical students – the UK Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA). This will be implemented in 2022. We know the exam will be made up of 2 components the applied knowledge test (AKT) and the clinical and professionalism skills assessment (CPSAs).

So what is the AKT?

What will be tested in the AKT: the foundations of clinical knowledge so that all candidates reach a common minimum threshold of knowledge.

The GMC will use the current question banks for the PLAB part 1 and the medical schools assessment alliance question bank to generate the AKT question bank. This will establish a new common minimum threshold for all medical students

How will the AKT be assessed: an on-line computer based exam

Who will sit this exam: all UK and international medical graduates wishing to complete the UKMLA to practise medicine in the UK


What else do we know about the AKT?

What will the format of the exam be?

Initially it will be a multiple choice and single best answer test

The GMC have announced that will consider the evidence for other question formats e.g. very short answers and the test formats used in the prescribing safety assessment (PSA).

So in brief, the format is still undecided.

How will the AKT  be scored? Unknown

How will the score be used? No statement on how the score will be used for FPAS has been released.



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