Two types of goals to know about when setting targets

Author: Charlotte Mitchell

Why setting goals are important

It’s a well-known fact that setting goals for ourselves helps us better achieve our study targets. It is why we have new year’s resolutions, and why we are advised to have a list of targets we want to accomplish in a set amount of time. These can be applied to any part of our life, be it studying, work or our personal lives. It also provides a benchmark against which we can measure our success.

Direct and indirect goals

A lesser known fact is that there are actually two types of goals that you can set for yourself. These are direct and indirect goals. A direct goal means no one can veto your decision or action. It has an immediate impact on your life. An indirect goal means it’s something that occurs as a result of your actions. For example, say you wanted to lose weight. An indirect goal would be to lose 10lbs. You can’t immediately lose 10lbs, instead it occurs as a result of eating healthier, or exercising more. Alternatively, you could set the goal to go to the gym three times a week. This is a direct goal, and something you can actively go and do.

Goal setting when studying

This can be applied to studying. Say you wanted to do better at a subject. You can set either a direct or indirect goal to help you achieve this. A direct goal would be to do an hour of studying a night – an action you can control. An indirect goal would be to get at least 75% on a test. This is a result of other actions you perform.
The type of goal you set changes how you go about achieving it and how you subsequently measure your success.


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