5 Ways to Deal With Burnout

5 Ways to Deal With Burnout


In the previous post, we discussed how to identify burnout. But once you know you have it, what do you do next?


Find ways to manage your work

Burnout is more than just being overwhelmed with work, but feeling like you are in-control of your work can really help. Making to-do lists and timetables can help you to manage and plan all your commitments.


Take time for yourself to do something you enjoy

In order to get your motivation back, you need to remember why you’re doing it in the first place! Part of being a medical student is doing repetitive, mundane things- take some time out to think about why you are doing them, and think about the ultimate goal. Take time to do something you love and find interesting to take your mind away from work for a while, so when you come back to it you feel refreshed and ready to go again.


Change your scenery

Part of what contributes to burnout can be doing the same thing, in the same place, day in day out. It is all too familiar, and you may struggle to motivate yourself to carry on with this repetitive cycle. Something as simple as changing the place you work can have a huge impact. You could take a few days to visit a totally new place, or even go on holiday (although we all know this is not always feasible).  

Maybe you could try something new- a new sport, a new TV show, a new skill- anything that shakes up your normal routine!  


Look after yourself!

Your body and mind are exhausted, so of course, you need to look after them. Drinking plenty of water, eating nourishing food, exercising, meditating and getting good sleep are keys to getting your mind and body feeling strong again.


Talk to someone about it

Keeping your problems bottled to yourself can make the whole experience worse. Speaking to someone may be the last thing you want to do right now, but you may surprise yourself and feel a whole lot better after. Even if you don’t want to talk about how you feel, talking to supportive friends and family can divert your mind for a while. You may even find that others are feeling the same as you!


Everyone has different ways of dealing with burnout, but these are 5 things which should help you to bounce back. If you do all these things and you’re still not feeling better, it may be a bigger issue. It is important to know your body and mind, and know when you need to take some time out. The important thing is that you are not alone and there are people ready to support you!


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