5 Instagram Accounts all Medical Students Should Subscribe to

5 Instagram Accounts all Medical Students Should Subscribe to

At the start of the week, we discussed Youtube as a valuable resource available for simple, easy-to-understand explanations for complex medical concepts.

Our Top 5 were:

  1. Anatomy Zone
  2. AK Lectures
  3. Osmosis
  4. Armando Hasudungan
  5. Strong medicine

Now that we’ve covered the important part, this week’s post is going to cover a completely different social platform – Instagram!

Instagram is an equally valuable resource for medical students. While there are some great medical learning accounts out there, there are also inspirational people in the medical field to follow. Here are some of our top accounts.

Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts


@Figure1 (65k followers)

Figure 1 is branded “Instagram for doctors” and is used by over 1 million healthcare professionals. Their most fascinating “case of the week” series showcases some of rare and more exciting cases, from both medicine and surgery, and it is an app for anyone in the field no matter what where you are or what stage you’re at.


@StudentDrDiva (23k followers)

StudentDrDiva ‘s Instagram is full of tips and tricks for medical students, from inspirational quotes to what pens to buy to study. We really recommend you check out her page!


@Medschoolposts (270k followers)

This account uses surgical and clinical photos to educate medical students on common presentations and conditions. It’s a great way to increase your general medical knowledge by just reading the descriptions!


@medicaltalks (1.2M followers)

Similar to @medschoolposts, this account features medical and surgical images from around the world with the one goal of education!


@medspiration (173k followers)

Posting photos and videos of patient stories, this account is run by a student doctor, Nav Badesha. Some videos are educational, but the account in general is aimed more towards teaching non-professionals about science.



Let us know your favourite Instagram channel in the comments below!


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