Great Apps for Studying Anatomy

Human Anatomy Atlas

This app costs £23.99 ($25) and is available on both smartphones and tablets. It is pricey, but arguably the gold standard of anatomy apps! On the app you can save annotations and dissections, share your visuals, and create a library of favorites. Here’s the kicker that makes it worth the investment – the app contains a question bank of over 1000 questions so that you can quiz yourself as you go along.


BioDigital 3D Human Anatomy

This app contains fully interactive 3D models and video dissections of the human body. It also lists hundreds of conditions and procedures for you to interact with. The app is free to download and available for Android and iOS running smartphones and tablets. BioDigital also uses interactive quizzing and has a share tool similar to Human Anatomy Atlas. The unique feature of this app is the conditions portion which gives extensive visuals of hundreds of conditions and injuries.


Complete Anatomy

Another great anatomy app that is free to download, however the full version with all the features does cost £19.99 ($19.99). It is compatible with smartphones and tablets, and also has in-app quizzes. The app was originally designed to accompany the online Complete Anatomy 2018+ Course, but it is a nice supplement to your studies even if you don’t take the course!


Netter’s Anatomy Atlas

Most people in medicine know Netter’s and treat the textbook as the holy grail of anatomy. Netter’s does have an app, however, it is only available for iPads and is extremely pricey – £84.99 ($45.99). That being said, the app did win first prize for Digital and Online Resources at the British Medical Association’s Medical Book Awards. The app takes a good chunk of storage, 2GB, but if you love Netter’s (and own an iPad) then this is the app for you.


Visual Anatomy

Another award winner, but for a much better price –  £9.99 ($2.99). Visual Anatomy has a much smaller question bank than Human Anatomy Atlas, but for the price is a great visual app for 3D models. This app is a great one to start with before pulling out the big bucks for the apps with more features.

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Anatomy is a massive amount of information full of complexities. Somehow even the lumps and bumps on our bones have names. Check out the first part of this series – How to tackle Human Anatomy

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