How To Keep Hydrated in the run up to exams

How To Keep Hydrated

The NHS recommends that we drink 1.2L per day (6-8 glasses) and this is only in a UK climate so, if you are abroad or exercising you will need to drink more than this amount. Research has also shown that drinking water improves your performance in exams. If you struggle to find the time to drink this amount of water. Read below for some tips to help you drink more water!

Water Bottles

Buy a water bottle. Having a reusable water bottle encourages you to drink throughout the day and to fill it up. They are easy to carry and can be bought fairly cheap. Make sure that your water bottle is BPA free. Also, some water bottles show how many glasses you have consumed to ensure you drink the right amount.  It also helps the environment!

Drink a glass of water in the Morning

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning helps you start your day.  A glass of water in the morning has been found to increase your metabolism and hydrate you. It is also an easy way to ensure you drink you recommend amount of water, 1 down 7 to go!

If You Do Not Enjoy Drinking Water

You can add fruit to the water. Many water bottles now contain fruit infusers. This is where you place fruit such as lemon or raspberries into the fruit infuser compartment and then the water becomes flavoured. For this method you can use frozen or chilled fruit. This is a healthy alternative to buying fruit flavoured water or concentrates. You also help the environment by buying a reusable bottle.


Vegetables also contain a lot of water which contribute to your daily water intake. So, eat lots of vegetables to stay hydrated.

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