Top 5 Libraries for London Medical Students

Top 5 libraries for London Medical Students

Having a comfortable place to work can massively improve your productivity. Sometimes we need a change up from our desks at home or respective university libraries, as the same routine, day-in, day-out can get a bit dull. Here are some great libraries that University of London students can visit if you want to experience a new workspace:

BMA library 

this is the first of two on the list which requires membership. But before that puts you off, let me tell you a bit about it! The BMA library is spacious, vibrant and full of useful medical textbooks. Not only that, but there is a member lounge with free tea and coffee, as well as a café, restaurant and beautiful garden for a walk on your breaks! You also get £50 of printing (need I say more?). It’s £37 a year, roughly £3 a month. With the amount you are saving from buying coffee out and printing, it makes it a great investment.

Senate House Library 

a beautiful building near Russell Square, around SOAS university. The library has four floors and is great if you want a traditional feel to your work space- wooden, grand and has that old-book smell. It also has a sofa room for a relaxing break!

Wellcome Library 

 has a similar feel to Senate House, but it is a lot smaller. There is no need for membership, but if you are a member you can book rooms. They also have a reading room, which has sofas and a staircase full of bean bags! If you are in need of a study break, they have exhibitions, including one called ‘Medicine now’ which has some really cool interactive anatomy and art displays.   

Royal Society of Medicine

this is another one with membership, but this one is more pricey. You can get day passes for £10, and the yearly student membership is £55. It is one of the largest medical libraries in the world, and some floors of the library are open 24 hours. They also provide free printing with the membership!


British Library

Last but not least. This is a huge library with plenty of spaces to study, so you won’t be fighting for a seat. It is really easy to get to (right near King’s Cross). There is not a book you wouldn’t find in there (there are 170 million books)!


These are just a few suggestions for places to work in London. They are all quite central and easily accessible, so definitely check them out!


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