5 Medical TV Series Not to Miss

5 Medical TV Series Not to Miss

Just finished a TV series and are on a hunt for a new one? Looking to kill some time over the long summer holiday? Look no further! Here are some of the best medical dramas to sink your teeth into.


IMDb 8.8/10

Dr House is the Sherlock Holmes of the medical world. Tackling rare cases, the episodes follow the successes and failures of Dr House and his team in trying to get the right diagnosis. House is great if you don’t want to fully commit, as you can quite easily watch random episodes not in order and it would still make sense. Obviously, if you want to experience the character development (Dr House is a very complex character and one which you wouldn’t expect of a doctor) and other story-lines then there are 8 seasons to get through!



IMDb 8.4/10

Scrubs is not like House where the team solve obscure cases, it is more about general hospital life. It follows interns in a teaching hospital and uses humour to illustrate the difficulties they face in their careers as well as issues in healthcare such as sexism and racism, access to health care and the right to die. It’s hilarious!


The Good Doctor

IMDb 8.4/10

The Good Doctor started last year and was made by the creator of House. It’s definitely not your average medical drama- it is about Shaun, a surgeon who is autistic with savant syndrome, and has an incredible problem-solving mind. The show puts across the message that people are not defined by their disabilities; however, it also illustrates how the mistreatment and difficulties they face due to their disability, which is difficult to watch at times. Autism is a spectrum disorder, and while Shaun’s character does not represent everyone who has autism or savant syndrome, it does raise awareness for the condition and is inspirational, to say the least!


Greys Anatomy

IMDb 7.6/10

We’ve all heard of this one, with a whopping 14 seasons of 317 episodes, and more to come, it would require a lot of dedication to catch up! It follows the relationships and careers of several doctors and has a bit of everything- drama, romance, comedy…. and of course medicine (but some argue it’s not particularly realistic).


Code Black

IMDb 8.1/10

This show takes place in the busiest emergency room in LA. In the show, different hospitals have a code with different meanings – code black is when there is an overwhelming influx of patients in situations where there aren’t enough staff to treat them (this happens around 300 times a year in the ER the show is set). It is arguably one of the more realistic dramas, demonstrating the problems with lack of resources in healthcare and the life-or-death decisions doctors must make in split seconds.

There are a few to get too stuck into- hope you enjoy!

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