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    Welcome to the ukmlaforums. 

    It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules. By registering and posting on the forum you agree to these rules and guidance. If you do not understand the rules and guidelines, please contact us

    We have 5 simple rules. Please remember this is place to learn, teach and help those who will be taking the UKMLA. 

    1. Decency- please no foul language! 
    2. Personal views – politics, religion etc. 
    3. Personal attacks – please be kind and respect each other 
    4. Advertising
    5. No information of this website constitutes medical advice. If you have any concerns please visit your doctor. 

    1. Decency 

    Please ensure you do not use   explicit, foul or vulgar language, graphics or behavior is appropriate. No racial or ethnic comments will be tolerated and you will be barred from the site should these comments be posted. 

    Remember we are here to promote a learning environment 

    Any and all posts, photos or links that are not deemed appropriate by the Administrator or Moderators shall be censured or deleted. 

    2. Please refrain from expressing religious or political views

    3. Personal attacks
    Be nice to eachother! 

    Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated.

    Challenge others points of view and/or opinions, but do so respectfully, thoughtfully and without insult and personal attack.

    4. Advertisement of services is not permitted without prior discussion with an administrator/moderator. If you do wish to advertise on our site please get in touch with us to discuss. 

     5. This forum was created with the aim to help medical students and doctors prepare for the UKMLA. Medical information may be mentioned but does not constitute medical advice. Medical conditions can be discussed for educational purposes. 

    Welcome and Good Luck with your preparation 

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